Cords Essentials Heavy Duty Top-Grain Leather Strap

  • If you have a heavy-duty project you better use a heavy-duty leather : This Leather Strap is made of Full Grain Leather and is cut from the “Bend” part of the Leather Hide which has dense fibres and is the strongest part of the hide. These straps have a smooth top surface and suede bottom surface. The strips are hand cut from Chrome tanned hides which are known for superior strength and being very durable
  • Unique Finish : Our Leather Straps are made from heavily oiled pull-up leather which makes it very soft and velvety yet very strong. These Leather straps are exclusively produced by us and will give a exclusive look to your projects
  • Best Used for : Our Leather Straps can be used in making door / drawer handles, book shelves, furniture, ranch and sporting equipment, guitar straps, dog leashes, dog collars, as laces, lanyards, handbags, for necklaces, earrings, chokers and bracelets and other DIY craft projects which you can think of
  • Let there be Creativity : Our leather strips can easily be tooled to your imagination
  • Wide Range of Colors : We have a wide range of unique colors which are exclusively sold by us on Amazon. Get your hands on our strap to get a joy of working on your imagination

$50.00 $75.00